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We do large and small projects alike.  So whether you are a homeowner looking for a simple pool and nozzle
or an architect or municipality looking for true aquatic expression --you have come to the right place!. 

Photo Extra  Description
Large Photo Intrado - Longmont CO

Fiberglass pools allow the reliable construction of interior fountains.  Modular construction also helps get a ten-footer like this through the door!

This is an eight pump and nozzle animated fountain.  Pump control is fully proportional using our ACCESS software.  The center spray changes between an arch and cluster pattern.  The outer six frothy nozzles can do helixes and other progressive patterns.



Atlantic Fountains goes "Broadway"

Designed for "The Producers," this self contained unit shoots a curtain of water into the air when an actor slams his fist down on a desk.

This is one of two seven foot long units used to make a twelve foot wide water curtain.

The first set of two is in use in New York, the second set is in use with the touring company in Australia.



Atlantic Fountains goes "Hollywood"

Designed for the movie "Stewart Little 2" this fountain is the landing zone for a bicyclist dive-bombed by Stewart's biplane.

One of the design constraints was rapid setup and breakdown.  In addition to the cast aluminum centerpiece and fiberglass pool, the eight foot diameter fountain wall was made in two halves of lightweight textured foam.

Lg photo

See 3D renderings

Photo by Jack Larsen

Musical Fountain - Alhambra CA

A dual pool 32 channel musical fountain.  Constructed by Rock and Waterscapes and EC Construction for the City of Alhambra.Click for 3D design page

Closeup of ball in testing



Photos courtesy of Athens Parks Dept. 

Veterans Memorial - Athens TN

A two foot dia. world map etched sphere spins atop a pedestal on a dry deck pool.  Five pillars to the rear have a seal for each branch of the serviceThe Honorable Susan Morrisey Livingston, Under Secretary of the Navy
Dedication by the Under Secretary of the Navy
Missing Man formation
            F/A-18 Fountain Flyover !

Yes, that's real gold Large Photo




More Pics

"Our Backyard Fountain" - New York
                     Residential Musical Fountain

Friend, is your backyard only forty by twenty feet? 
Why mow grass when you can have a fountain !

Five frothy nozzles, a fan nozzle and a central waterfall are flanked by two gilded lions in a custom 15x3ft fiberglass pool. Illumination by low voltage color changing light fixtures.  Musical choreography with our ACCESS software. Set into the stone patio is our mini-leap kit for the kids.

More pics on pump page Miniature Golf Course by Funland - MD

In place of higher horsepower centrifugal pumps, Funland used a variety of our 5 and 2 horsepower SF Series pumps.  The result was low noise with high efficiency and satisfaction.

Not everyone needs a 1,050 GPM pump in their back yard, but up to 300 GPM from a 1/2 hp can make some astounding home projects possible.

Large daytime photo Trumpet Geyser, Picture by Ed M.

As per a recent conversation, attached please find a set of pictures of the fountain which I bought from your company last year. I am very happy with it. I give anyone who asks your name. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

(We love people that appreciate photography!)

Large Photo1

Large Photo2

Garden Show, Rochester NY

Winner: Gardenscape 2002 awards: 
"Best integration of Water in a Garden" and
"Best Large Garden Exhibit" --Kudos Birchcrest!

Designed and built by Birchcrest Landscape, this is an 8 channel ACCESS system with 5 pumps and 12 lights on 3 channels of red/blue/green.  Subtle or dramatic, it played Beethoven and more to the delight of all.  Spray effects include center narrow arch, 16 jet spray ring, and 3 vertical smooth bore jets.  Also in the outer pool is our mini-leaper kit.

Two new videos:

Video1 - Using our ACCESS software to animate a Bursting Stars aquavator bowl fountain.

Video2 - New 16" ball  & boulder (yes it's for sale)  

...and you thought you had a problem keeping kids out of your fountain! Musical Fountain Renovation  - Russia

24 pumps, 104 lights, ACCESS software
...We do 50 Hz !

Other 3D simulations shown in our design section

"Rain wall"  - University of N. Iowa

Sculpture by Molly Mason 

Water runs down both faces of this large stainless steel water sculpture.  A custom fourteen foot fiberglass pool was manufactured to supply the sculpture and meet floor loading requirements.  

Molly Mason  (631) 473-7226

Polly and Michael at the Breezy Point Day Camp Pond Large
Breezy Point Day Camp, Langhorne  PA

As you can see the fountain helped make a beautiful setting at our summer day camp even nicer.  Our summer day campers and winter nursery school and kindergarten students enjoy seeing all the different ways the waters can be shaped.  The lights looked lovely too on the night of the wedding. Thanks for getting the fountain here in plenty of time for us to have it ready for our big event- Gale W.

Large Photo2 Morris Corporate Center, 
Parsippany NJ

Got splash?  The previous interior fountain made a mess of the surrounding floor until its components were replaced with a custom design by Atlantic Fountains.

Components include a 34 inch spray ring with integral splash screen  and low splash dome nozzles (see large photo)  Lights and pump were from original equipment.

One spray sequence of animated fountain Photo2


St. Francis Medical Center
Cape Girardeau  MO

Animated fountain with multiple spray rings, Vesuvius and pirouette nozzles. Sixty underwater lights on multiple lighting channels.

Fountain design, renovation work and photos by Rick Essner and the engineering staff of SFMC.
Control system hardware, ACCESS software, and many major components by Atlantic Fountains. 

30ft fountain w/6" Royal Crystal Arch Large photo All Saints, North Haven CT

7.5 hp pump in a 30 foot diameter pool
Six inch inlet Royal Crystal Arch nozzle operating at 15 feet high, 550 GPM  ...like, heavy water man!
Three stage wind controls

This project is in our custom concrete section

   Works in Copper, Deep River CT

We are proud to have this talent on staff. Custom projects in beautiful finishes to any scale.biggrass.jpg (21575 bytes)  still.jpg (16383 bytes)

Prefab 10ft fountain with nozzles and lights



Test Video

Toyota assembly plant, Georgetown KY

24 jet center cluster nozzle with four adjustable fan nozzles in a modular 10 foot fiberglass pool.

Dual stainless pumps with dual stage wind controls in a custom control panel.  Located in employee courtyard.

Outdoor residential fountain Large photo Residential Fountain,  Canton  MI

Five foot tall two-tier centerpiece in "copper vein" finish, set in a six foot fiberglass pool.  Barbeque grill optional.

"I just wanted to let you know how well the fountain I purchased from you came out and thank you for your help in getting it set up. You were very helpful every time I called and the product is top rate.  Please feel free to put it on your website if you like."  S.P.

A "scene" as set by ACCESS Photo2 Binks Forest Country Club 
Musical Fountain

West Palm Beach  FL

30 foot pool, 26 variable speed pumps, 32,500 Watts of light in five colors, eight 120 Watt speakers...

Latest version of our ACCESS musical control software.  More information on this fountain is on our Musical Fountains page.

350 feet of tubing B.C.  (Before Cabinet)

Video of Alley Cat



Parker Musical FountainParker Hannifin Corporation
Cleveland OH

A joint effort of Atlantic Fountains and Downing Exhibits of Copley Ohio, the fountain uses over 350 feet of Parflex tubing and hundreds of Parker components from their Fluid Connector and Skinner Valve divisions.  The 6ft pool has 30 nozzles & color lights driven by a 3 octave MIDI keyboard and 8 pad drum pad, or by computer. More information on this fountain is on our Musical Fountains page.

Installation of 10.5' spray ring    Decorative Arts Project, Newport RI

Installation of a 10-1/2 foot diameter spray ring manufactured by Atlantic Fountains. 

The ring is fed by variable speed pumps allowing flow control without leaving the home.

(Note the happy factory 
trained representative 
roughing it by the ocean)

We can supply a variety of bronze fountains

Toledo Ohio Traffic circle



Winter Photo

Harvard Circle Fountain, Toledo OH 

Hans Van de Bovenkamp Sculptor

Three stainless steel clouds in the center of a traffic circle.  Each cloud has a downward firing spray ring operated by a 1/2 hp pump and illuminated with varying color blended red, green, and blue light.  The use of wet/dry fixtures permit winter illumination.

15 Jet Announcement fountain (programmed animation)



Amtrak Station, Bakersfield CA
"Announcement Fountain"

Elite Landscape - Clovis CA

80x30 foot zero grade fountain with fifteen animated variable jets and underwater lights. The fountain uses a track sensor to switch into its bolder "announcement mode" when the train pulls into the station. 

5 Jet Greeting fountain (programmed animation)



4 Meg

Amtrak Station, Bakersfield CA
"Greeting Fountain"

Elite Landscape - Clovis CA

Zero grade programmed fountain with five variable jets. Similar to the above but with five pools. The fountain is located adjacent to the new Bakersfield California Amtrak station, dedicated July 4, 2000.   

5hp fountain with aerator nozzles  Photo2 Banquet & reception hall, NJ

5hp system with twelve "frothy" aerator nozzles.
1/2hp filter system and system control panel.

2.5hp fountain with cascade nozzles


Estate fountain, Westport CT
T.E. Luciani Architect

2.5hp system with three cascade nozzles
Three adjustable 100W low voltage wet niche fixtures and electronic fill control.

ECSU 1999 Class gift 14' pool w/lights & wind control


Eastern Connecticut State Univ.
Student Gift, Willimantic CT

1/2hp prefab fountain based on modular 14ft dia. fiberglass pool.  Blue lighting to match school colors, includes dual stage wind control.  This is featured in our prefab section.

Musical fountain (choreographed dancing water and light)


City Park Musical Fountain  
Edwardsville IL

Contact info:

Edwardsville Parks Department
118 Hillsboro Ave.
Edwardsville, IL  62025

More information on this fountain is on our 
Musical Fountains

Copyrights to some photos belong to the company or individual listed.
Garden of Living Waters    Pic2
Web page
15 hp, nine pool (80ft site dia) musical fountain
Essex plaza Pic2
Dual trellis lobby curtain fountains
10hp landscape waterfall/fountain w/ wet/dry fixtures
Oak Hill  Pic2  Pic3
60ft bronze water towers, cascades, and waterfalls
Peace Center - Performing Arts
30ft pool and spray effects, fiberoptic lighting
Stanley Park   Pic2
150hp pump controls, low voltage lighting for park
Virkler Chemical courtyard  Pic2
Vvid 2.3M
15hp, zero grade design, high speed water animation
Virkler Chemical entry fountain
3/4hp, rectangular pool with peacock nozzles
NationаБа†аАа†бІаІа«s Bank (3D simulation)
four and ten foot granite ball fountains
Oyster Point (3D simulation)
420 ft pool w/102ft & 33ft fountains (300K 3D faces)
1 hp dual spray ring fountain with wind controls

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